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At GTT Wireless we have helped clients from around the world to pioneer exciting and ambitious projects.

Our mSmart-Box® has hosted client electronics in a wide range of environments from cities to remote railway lines. We have helped clients send and capture data using weatherproof enclosures to protect against extremely hot and cold environments.

See some of our project examples below.

Sectors Covered:
Agricultural wireless grain store monitoring

Richard Johnson discusses how GTT have helped provide a fully configured IP67-rated robust outdoor solution for the Monitor & Manage Gateway in this application.

“We provide wireless grain monitoring and fan control solutions to customers around the UK and in Ireland. The main part of our job is to help look after crops that have been harvested. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the type of equipment to work in those environments, it is harsh, it’s not an environment where products transfer easily from other industries and part of that process was looking at our enclosure for our main gateway unit.

We selected the GTT enclosure solution for its robustness and their flexibility as a company to work with us to get a product which really fitted in this environment. On remote sites the kit just has to work and certainly the GTT enclosure has given us no problems.

When looking at our solution particularly for our gateway and our mobile technology piece, speed to market was really important. But working with GTT, using their experience and integrating our equipment into the correct enclosures for these environments really meant we were able to get to market quicker than we expected and that’s made a difference for us”.

rail transport
Rail Transport
Monitoring the condition of railway lines in hot and dusty remote locations

Leveraging form our experience in the rail industry, TLC has developed a solution to help prevent disastrous and expensive train derailments in hot, harsh, remote areas.

"The installation environment made this a very challenging engineering project. As well as the heat and dust the equipment needed to be located as high as possible to reduce the risk of vandalism, but this positioned the equipment near very high voltage lines. This engaged a lot of engineering resource and time ... until we were introduced to GTT by our local partner in South Africa, Electrocomp.

GTT were able to provide the ideal solution through fully configured IP67 Industrial enclosures. It was a pleasure to understand that GTT were not just another 'me-too' enclosure supplier. GTT understood our installation problems and were able to support the fully sealed I/O and RF Interface requirements and developed a bespoke isolation solution for the RF requirements.

After selecting the Cinterion TC63i Wireless GSM module through recommendation from GTT and Electrocomp, it was a final pleasure to understand that GTT provided a specially designed PCB mounting solution for the Cinterion module. It has been a pleasure to work with GTT and Electrocomp on this project (reducing our time to market) and we are already working together on Hardware Integration solutions on other new Industrial projects" says Marcel van Zijl, TLC.

Security and Emergency Services
NYC Wireless Network Coverage

One of the most advanced mobile broadband deployments in the government sector today, is the New York City’s Wireless Network known as NYCWN.

Lamech Mujegu of General Dynamics Broadband discusses the partnership with GTT and specifically how the fully configured IP67-rated GTT enclosures form the platform for the outdoor solutions deployed on the NYCWN.

“The AC enclosure from GTT allowed us to short-cut our time to market (which otherwise would have taken us 18 months to 2 years to complete)."

Lamech Mujegu said "It has been an absolute pleasure for me working with GTT because they compliment our short-fall in skills and provide me with a whole RF/mechanical Integration team in a short-cut route. GTT understand all our technology and our needs and provide solutions across a number of our projects to integrate our technology into the mechanical world.”

emergency services
Vehicle Tracking
Monitoring hardware - resisting dust ingress and high temperatures

GTT have worked very closely with Teletrac over the last few years and have become a solid partner for a variety of projects. GTT support Teletrac from providing a mechanical solution to securely integrate our wireless module to the PCB through to design, tooling and manufacturing our plastic housing for our vehicle tracking hardware.

Recently there has been a lot of co-operation development with our engineers in the US to ensure our external GSM/GPS antenna is developed to be suitable for our application environments. The antenna supports IP67 levels of protection from water and dust ingress and has been improved to work well in high temperatures experienced inside vehicles travelling through challengingly hot US environments.

GTT have not only worked very closely on Technical Development with Teletrac, but also the supply chain. GTT have ensured that our tight deadlines have been supported and also offered some positive cost-of ownership solutions along the way.

"It has been a pleasure to work with GTT as a partner across all areas of product development and supply chain and we hope this partnership will continue for years to come" says Dan Mee, Teletrac.

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